Day: August 16, 2016

Alumnus of the Year 1998: Dr. Elton D. Lehman

Elton Lehman’s doctor’s office in Mount Eaton, Ohio, has two parking lots. One is curbed and paved with asphalt. The other has a hitching post. Horse hooves and wooden wheels have left its surface lumpy. This lot is for buggies. An estimated 30,000 to 35,000 Amish live in this part of Ohio. A good many … More

Alumna of the Year 1999: Esther K. Augsburger

For Esther Augsburger, sculpture is prayer, worship and art. It is also the story of the human heart and its relationship with God. “I believe sculpture is a gift that God has given me and I need to use that.” The artistic talent of Augsburger, a renowned sculptor who has placed work around the world, … More

Alumnus of the Year 2000: Henry Miller

Henry Miller was planning to be a math teacher, but it seems God had other plans for him. Soon after graduating from Eastern Mennonite University (then College) in 1970 with a degree in mathe­matics, Miller set off for Costa Rica with Rosedale Mennonite Missions. He served as a math and science teacher in a country … More

Alumnus of the Year 2008: Donald Kraybill

If the subject is the Amish, Mennonites, or something linked to pacifism – and a reporter needs an expert to quote – look for the quote to be from Donald B. Kraybill ’67, EMU ’s 2008 Alumnus of the Year. An Associated Press story in May, for instance, contained Kraybill’s observations on a legal case … More

Alumnus of the Year 2007: Ingida Asfaw

When Ingida Asfaw ’62 first arrived at what was then Eastern Mennonite College, his English skills were limited and he had almost no money. He was late for the start of classes, after a slow journey by cargo ship from his native Ethiopia. This fall, nearly 50 years later, he will return to Eastern Mennonite … More

Linda Alley plans to move ‘more fully’ into callings as spiritual director, retreat leader and writer

“The very best thing about working at EMU is the people with whom I’ve worked,” says Linda Alley, who concludes 27 years of service with EMU in June. “Some have mentored me; some have called me mentor. Some have taught me important life lessons or listened/laughed with me. It is always a good day when … More

A mentor to future doctors and health professionals, biology professor Roman Miller retires after 31 years at EMU

All those years ago, the trajectory of Roman Miller’s young career had seemed so clear. He’d finished undergraduate and master’s degrees in biology and earned a PhD from Kent State University, specializing in male rats’ reproductive biology before landing a research position at the West Virginia University School of Medicine’s Department of Pharmacology. There, in … More

After 41 years handling campus mail at Eastern Mennonite University, postal supervisor Betty Hertzler retires

Betty Hertzler has done a lot of laughing at human nature over the years. Postal supervisor at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) since 1974, Hertzler has fielded scores of questions showing a lack of common sense: “Do you have any stamps?” “Do you have any Christian stamps?” “How do I address a letter?” “Do I need … More

Deana Moren Baker ’86, All-ODAC and All-American player, is inducted in the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame

When Deana Moren Baker ’86 was in middle school in Bremen, Indiana, her basketball team held practice in the school cafeteria because the boys were using the gym. They took layups using the Peter Pan mascot’s head on the wall as a stand-in for a basket. When she was in high school, wearing polyester uniforms … More

Special projects manager Jack Rutt keeps his finger on EMU’s pulse, but with a bit more time off

This year, several Eastern Mennonite University faculty and staff, among them Jack Rutt, are moving into retirement after many years of service. To acknowledge their service and deep commitment to our community, we’ve offered the opportunity for them to share favorite memories of their time here, as well as advice for those of us still … More

Retired English professor and his wife, who met on campus in 1936, celebrate 75 years together

“My one true love is looking at me,” said Hubert Pellman, 97, gazing across the table at his wife, Mildred, 98. The couple was sitting in a room at Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community eating cookies and drinking coffee. Today, the pair celebrates their 75th wedding anniversary. Diamond anniversaries are rare. In 2005, the Chicago Tribune … More

Memoir of Mennonite Voluntary Service years in Alberta highlights hard work of many alumni

A new memoir by Isaac “Ike” Glick ’55 and Mildred “Millie” Alger Glick, class of ’55, Risk and Adventure: Community development in Northern Alberta (1955-1970), highlights the work of Mennonite Voluntary Service participants (MVS) in Canada from 1955-1970. An estimated one-third of approximately 100 people involved in the program were Eastern Mennonite College graduates, according … More