Alumna of the Year 1979: Miriam E. Krantz

Miriam E. Krantz (C 62, Sng 63), a nutritionist in Nepal 15 years, was named EMC’s “alumna-of-the-year” Sunday morning (Apr. 29) on homecoming weekend.

Miss Krantz, a home economics education major, was cited “for your contribution to the nutrition of the people of Nepal…hearing and answering the needs of the world.”

A brother, Elvin B. Krantz of Lancaster, Pa., accepted the award for Miss Krantz from Eugene K. Souder (C 51), outgoing president of EMC’s Alumni Association.

The Strasburg, Pa., native be­gan her first term of service in Nepal in 1963 under the auspices of the Mennonite Board of Mis­sions, Elkhart, Ind.

She first served as a hospital dietitian before shifting to nutri­tion work with the Shanta Bhawan Community Health Pro­gram in Kathmandu. The pro­ject is sponsored by the United Mission to Nepal, a coalition of some 30 Christian organizations and 15 nationalities.

Alarmed that children under five account for more than half the death rate in the tiny Hima­layan country, Miss Krantz de­veloped “Super Flour” —a mix­ture of ground roasted soya beans, corn and wheat—as a weapon against malnutrition.

The high-protein, high-calorie food supplement “ makes use of local grains, is easy to prepare, inexpensive and has many uses,” according to the nutritionist.

Miss Krantz has received recognition in Nepal and beyond for her creation, and a new na­tional handbook for health ser­vice workers tells how to make “Super Flour” and how to make porridge from it.

Last summer the Nepali government asked Miss Krantz to represent the country at the International Nutrition Congress in Brazil. She presented a paper on nutrition efforts in Nepal to a sectional meeting there.

She and two Nepali colleagues, at the request of the king, con­ducted a fact-finding tour of out­lying villages to determine the exact needs of the people. She has also done nutrition assess­ments for programs in Tibet and India.

Currently, Miss Krantz is helping to lead a training session for young people starting assign­ments with the National Develop­ment Program. All Nepali uni­versity students are required to serve at least 10 months under the program.

The alumna-of-the-year is the daughter of Ivan D. and the late Zella Brubaker Krantz of Quarryville, Pa., and a member of New Providence (Pa.) Mennonite Church.

Published 1979 in Crossroads.

Posted on August 18, 2016