Alumna of they Year 1977: Maribel Kraybill

Maribel Kraybill (C 53), prin­cipal of Locust Grove Mennonite School in Smoketown (Lancaster County), Pa., received EMC’s “alumnus-of-the-year” award during homecoming April 23.

Linford K. Gehman (C 58), outgoing president of the Alumni Association, presented Miss Kraybill the citation for “ dedica­tion to Christian education at the elementary level.”

The alumna was cited “ for serving over 20 years as an effec­tive teacher and innovative prin­cipal at Locust Grove, spearhead­ing phenomenal progress in the school’s facilities, observing and encouraging commensurate growth in enrollment, organizing and inspiring a competent staff and inculcating spiritual values and fostering attitudes of loyal discipleship in hundreds of pupils.”

The award also commended Miss Kraybill “ for establishing and maintaining Christian diplomacy and effective relation­ships among school board mem­bers, patrons, community per­sons, teachers and students” and “ for keeping professionally alert and contributing energetically to Christian education associa­tions and to EMC.”

“I am indebted to EMC for the preparation for service I received,” Miss Kraybill said in response. “I am simply attempt­ing to do the Lord’s work, and all honor and glory go to Him,” she added.

Miss Kraybill’s school, founded in 1939, has 428 stu­dents in kindergarten through eighth grade and 25 teachers. It is operated by a local trustee board.

Miss Kraybill earned a masters degree in elementary school administration from Temple University and has done addi­tional summer study at Grace College in Winona Lake, Ind.

She works summers as a tour guide for the Mennonite Informa­tion Center in Lancaster.

Her professional memberships include the Mid-Atlantic Chris­tian School Association, the National Christian School Educa­tion and the Lebanon-Lancaster Elementary Principals Associa- Maribel Kraybill responds after hav­ing been named EMC’s 1977 “alumnus-of-the-year. ” She is princi­pal o f Locust Grove Mennonite School, Smoketown, Pa. tion, of which she was the first parochial school representative.

The alumna is a member of the East Chestnut Street Menno­nite Church in Lancaster.

Published 1977 in Crossroads.

Posted on August 18, 2016