Alumnus of the Year 1993: Henry L. Rosenberger

“For me, Business is ministry,” said Henry Rosenberger. He started a company in 1972 that has enjoyed phenomenal growth. Today Rosenberger Cold Storage and Transport in Hatfield, Pa., has six warehouses and 330 employees. It is the 13th largest in the United States, handling over a billion pounds of food a year. Rosenberger was cited by EMC&S for blending “high ethical standards with generous sharing with and service to the church and community.” He has been president of World Group, a joint marketing effort of 11 strategically-located public refrigerated warehouses across North America. Last year he was named “businessman of the year” by the North Penn Chamber of Commerce. Rosenberger is married to Charlotte Graber (C 65).

Published 1993 in Crossroads.

Posted on August 18, 2016