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Leymah Gbowee

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Rhoda Charles

Rhoda Charles ’76 talks about how her home economics education has provided the skill set she has used all her life in pursuits as diverse as raising her own children, church work and mentoring others. Music by alum Grace Delp. Photo courtesy of Rhoda Charles.

Lyubov Slashcheva ’11 graduates from VCU dental school, earns excellence award

Lyubov Slashcheva arrived in the United States when she was 5 years old not knowing a word of English, but already determined to make an impact in her new country. The youngest of three children, she emigrated with her family from a small mining town in a remote corner of Kazakhstan to the Shenandoah Valley … More

Don Kraybill

Anabaptist historian Don Kraybill ’67 discusses discipleship at EMU. Music: Shine by EMU alum Jessica Crawford.

Vincent Harding

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Ervin Stutzman

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Gloria Rosenberger

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