Author: Lauren Jefferson

Bibliophiles Delight: 100 Years of EMU Library History

From one book (Virgil’s Aeneid) to more than 500,000 items today, the library has always been a source of knowledge, wisdom and social life at first Eastern Mennonite School, then Eastern Mennonite College and now Eastern Mennonite University. Sadie A. Hartzler Library Director Marci Frederick combed carefully through the reports of previous directors to find … More

EMU Athletics timeline

1921 – Daniel (D.W.) Lehman becomes the school’s first athletic director and conducts weekly physical education classes for dormitory students. 1925 – Students are required to walk, do physical labor, or hike for a minimum of two hours per week. 1926 – Upon observing students playing ball, President A.D. Wenger notes that students need to … More

Rev George R. “George R. II” Brunk was evangelist, dean

George R. Brunk II, 90, widely-known evangelist, church leader and former dean of Eastern Mennonite Seminary, died Apr. 21, 2002, at his home in Park Village at the age of 90. Dr. Brunk served more than 65 years in pastoral ministry and was active in churchwide crusades, writing and Bible conference work. He was born … More

100 Years of the Arts at EMU

Students entering Eastern Mennonite University today may not realize that in their grandparents’ generation, this institution offered one option in terms of music. Singing. Usually in four-part harmony. A cappella only. Hymns. Until the late 20th century, Mennonites in this country tended to limit the arts to: (1) functionality, as in hand-crafted quilts for beds … More

Professor Robert Lehman led the way for EMU’s sustainability focus

Robert C. Lehman left an indelible mark on Eastern Mennonite University not only through his teaching — of physics, mathematics and astronomy from 1955 to 1980 — but also his firm commitment to and advocacy for the principles of sustainability. “I feel that you are one of the core of what I think a Christian … More

Planetarium on Vesper Heights and in Suter Science Center exposes generations to starry skies

The planetarium at Eastern Mennonite University – for many of those whose history with the school predates 2007, the words bring up many emotions and fond memories, whether those memories are of the original building on Vesper Heights (also known as “The Hill”) or the M.T. Brackbill Planetarium in the Suter Science Center. In the … More

As national interest in racial healing work grows, CJP alumni join Coming To The Table leadership

Fabrice Guerrier and Jodie Geddes, alumni of Eastern Mennonite University’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, have been elected to two-year terms on the board of managers with affiliate organization Coming To The Table (CTTT). Guerrier, who works in the U.S. State Department in Washington D.C., and Geddes, a community organizing coordinator with Restorative Justice for … More

Hubert R. Pellman, emeritus professor of English and accomplished historian, was devoted to family, teaching and faith

Hubert R. Pellman, professor emeritus of English at Eastern Mennonite University, passed away March 16, 2017, at Oaklea Nursing Home, Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community, in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He devoted his life to his family, to his teaching, and to service in the Mennonite church. Pellman taught at Eastern Mennonite College from 1941 to 1983, with … More

Pastor and sheep shearer Carl Geissinger is devoted to both of his flocks

This article about Carl Geissinger ’82 is re-published with permission from Lancaster Farming. REEDSVILLE, Pa. A Mifflin County sheep shearer said he does not need any additional clients, but he hopes to still be in business when he is 100 years old. The bi-vocational pastor is quite content with the flocks on his schedule. His … More

In this powerful sermon, Kevin Ressler ’07 remembers his friend Michael J. Sharp ’05

Kevin Ressler’s visit to his alma mater, Eastern Mennonite University, was planned weeks ago. So too was his scripture choice of Ezekiel 37:1-14, about Ezekiel’s vision of the Valley of Dry Bones. But the day he arrived on campus to meet with classes and to speak in chapel was the day after he heard of … More

Peace worker Michael J. “M.J.” Sharp remembered by grieving EMU community

The Eastern Mennonite University community is grieving for Michael J. Sharp, the alumnus who was reported dead in the Democratic Republic of the Congo yesterday. In a chapel sermon today [Wednesday, March 29], fellow alumnus Kevin Ressler memorialized his friend as “a man who chose to go into dangerous places without a weapon to make … More

Revitalized Royals jazz band grooves to new rhythm and tunes, from funk to Latin

The drummer taps out an energetic pace on the high hat. The piano comes in, low and funky, with an ascending chord pattern. Then the horns: trombones elaborating on the piano riff, followed by trumpets flinging out the jaunty melody. Bob Curry, conductor, waves his hand to cut off the music, and gives instructions on … More