Class Year: 1965

Couple completes 17-year Appalachian Trail odyssey

Since 2001, Lois and Ernie Hess, both 1965 graduates of Eastern Mennonite University, have been chipping away at their goal of hiking all 2,189 miles of the Appalachian Trail before they each turned 75. With the deadline approaching, the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, couple completed 322 miles in 2017. They covered the last 75 miles at the New … More

Spanning nearly 50 years of institutional leadership, EMC/EMU presidents emeriti reminisce

Friday afternoon’s Presidential Forum at Eastern Mennonite University’s MainStage Theater offered a rare opportunity to hear from four leaders: three who have led the institution through major cultural and curricular change, and a fourth whose current leadership symbolizes a new beginning and new challenges. “This is one of the events I’ve been looking forward to … More

Rotary International welcomes new EMU chapter of Rotaract

Following its inaugural reception and ceremonial launch last week, a club at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) is now poised to offer students new opportunities for service, leadership training, and making local and international connections. The new chapter of Rotaract, Rotary International’s college-campus iteration, joins more than 9,500 other clubs — with more than 291,000 members … More

EMU Athletics timeline

1921 – Daniel (D.W.) Lehman becomes the school’s first athletic director and conducts weekly physical education classes for dormitory students. 1925 – Students are required to walk, do physical labor, or hike for a minimum of two hours per week. 1926 – Upon observing students playing ball, President A.D. Wenger notes that students need to … More

‘An Amazing Craftsman’: lack of vision hasn’t stopped Dan Bowman ’65 with interests in mechanics, woodworking and piano tuning

Dan Bowman, featured in this July 1, 2017 Daily News-Record article, earned a social work degree from Eastern Mennonite University in 1965. His wife, Ferne Lapp Bowman, is a 1964 graduate with a degree in education. Dan Bowman is the subject of a documentary by James Madison University professor Mike Grundmann and Shaun Wright. “As a blind person, … More

Professor Robert Lehman led the way for EMU’s sustainability focus

Robert C. Lehman left an indelible mark on Eastern Mennonite University not only through his teaching — of physics, mathematics and astronomy from 1955 to 1980 — but also his firm commitment to and advocacy for the principles of sustainability. “I feel that you are one of the core of what I think a Christian … More

Judy Shenk Ranck and Mary Lou Weaver Houser

Judy Shenk Ranck and Mary Lou Weaver Houser ’66 talk about how they celebrated nine weddings among their friends in the summer of 1965 and how that group of friends has continued to get together for special occasions throughout the years. Music: The Walking Roots Band, “Gathered Home,”

Allen Brubaker

Allen Brubaker ’65 shares about a prank involving a VW bug inside the Administration building. Music: Ethan Bard, “Christmas Tree Farm”

Henry and Charlotte Rosenberger

Henry ’67 and Charlotte ’65 Rosenberger talk about how they met at an off-campus square dance. Charlotte laughed with her friends after Henry asked her out because he was younger, but in the end, age didn’t matter. Music: Ethan Bard, “Don’t Lie Down”

Darrell Jantzi

Darrell Jantzi ’65 shares about how his professor, Hubert Pellman, responded in a pastoral way when they received the news that President John F. Kennedy had died. Music: The Walking Roots Band, “O Love Divine,”